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I’m Suzanne Pearse - and I have been where you are...

I’m a Certified Professional Coach and accredited women’s wellness counselor. I also co-created the outdoor experiential workshop called “Magnetic Explorators” which connects wilderness training with success coaching to help individuals pioneer a path to power.


That's my current professional story. What I more deeply identify with is being a mother, entrepreneur, mentor, health-enthusiast, friend, little sister, iPhone photographer, as well a lover of nature and all things nourishing.


When I’m not working with clients, I am a connected community member, an avid gardener, hiker, Argentine Tango dancer and forager of seasonable edibles. Making my own science-based concoctions with the abundance of my harvest is a seasonal rhythm I hold dearly.
































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A Deeper Look at How I Got Here - and How it Helps My Practice

I was born to and raised by parents who were deaf. I became their ears and their voice developing the ability to listen intently and communicate with anyone.  This well-honed skill will provide you with a partner who will hear all that you are saying -- and not saying.

My experience receiving traditional college education led me to regard it as conformist and impersonal.  Its structure seemed to suffocate the natural creative process of my being. I was more comfortable with starting with the end in mind and working back from there. I found this approach inspiring and noticed when I used it I was unstoppable. I was fired up when I crafted a specific outcome and created the structures to get there. My curriculum became one of navigating major life decisions by following my intuition. Though I failed at times, I ultimately learned from every experience. I consider myself a graduate of the "University of Self-Sovereignty," unfettered by the constraints of what we are taught about what’s possible and what’s not; what’s the “right” way to do something and what’s unconventional. I bring this to bear for you, opening up perspectives and encouraging possibilities you might have written off.

I became a self-taught technical analyst and was sponsored to be one of the earliest female members on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Even though plenty of people told me that I couldn’t make it in the trading world I was determined to figure out what begets success. I learned to hand-craft charts to represent market activity and later co-created a mathematical algorithm to help traders “buy lower and sell higher.” I easily tap into entrepreneurial thinking, unclouded by traditional education, this, and my can-do-anything-attitude is what made me successful. I can hold the lantern and guide you to live differently by exploring life with an open mind, thinking outside of the box, and challenging norms.

I moved to NY after meeting the man who was then the love of my life.  We had an exciting romance, an epic wedding and a high-powered business career. Our occupations were complementary.  He had a trading floor operation and I excelled at marketing the trading system. While on Wall Street we co-brokered a merge of our business to a turnkey Energy Futures operation for Citibank. Hired as a Sr. Vice President, I was a Commodity Trading Advisor at the largest oil trading room in NYC. As one of the few women there I took huge risks and at times I fell hard. I witnessed much, figured out how to learn quickly from mistakes and how to manage stress.  I learned what I lived and loved what I was doing.  I lived large and had a life of abundance.  My social life consisted mostly of being with clients and going on extreme outdoor adventures.  I can mentor you in blazing your own trail. Together we can build support systems, and create stress management habits that will foster wellbeing.

I walked away from a lucrative and high-powered career to do my best by my children. I wanted to guide my children to be who they came here to be. Allowing my intuition to guide me, I moved us further upstate and enrolled my children in a farm school that would provide them with a more holistic education and a more intimate relationship with music, creativity and nature. I learned how to foster the development of confidence and self-esteem in them.  I can guide you to reclaim your self-worth, listen to the quiet voice within, free yourself from the  grip of fear, become a more feeling person and intuitive parent.

There were moments when I didn’t have a like-minded community, which triggered a childhood wound of not being included. However, it also enabled me to appreciate those times in my life when community held me in a safe way. Eventually, I found supportive relationships in my new town and built my tribe. I can show you how to cultivate meaningful supportive environments that nurture relationships and engage a community that you will feel connected to and embraced by.

At times my health wasn’t optimal. I would get sick frequently. I went to traditional doctors and the medications they prescribed caused side effects that were worse than my original malady. My instincts told me I was an inherently healthy person so I needed to find the cause of feeling unwell , and not mask this with traditional medications. I immersed myself in science-based functional medicine. From my own reading and radical self-care I learned a lot. I pursued a certificate in wellness and found a supportive medical community. I was then able to determine the balanced approach to diet, stress management and exercise that worked best for me. My natural balance restored, I now have a healthy lifestyle that allows me to fire on all cylinders for the highest performance possible. It was a journey that took me more than 15  years. I can guide you to regain your connection to your body, its natural rhythms and reclaim your ability to heal.

My husband and I came to realize we were on separate evolutionary paths and decided to divorce. It had become easy in our marriage to point the finger at the other person when things felt off or uncomfortable.  I realized that if I did not address my own issues and confront what’s at the heart of my unhappiness, those issues would follow me into other areas of life. I can guide you to gently take a loving look at yourself so you can achieve more happiness and comfort in every relationship.

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