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"Suzanne has a way of listening which then intuitively informed her ability to coach me in creative, inspiring and most effective ways!  Each session jazzed me up and provided a method for identifying what was most important to me and how that aligned to my values and purpose. My work with her always resulted in my feeling empowered to manifest the life I desire!"  -Margaret


"Suzanne helped me to realize that I have the ability to own my happiness as well as my past experiences and that I am and always was in control of my story. I now see myself not only as the same loving woman and nurturer but also a career minded, self motivated woman." -Robin

"I met Suzanne almost 6 years ago and during that time I've watched and experienced her evolve into a life-coach.  Suzanne is passionate about nature and women and nurtures us to recognize and embrace our best selves.  Personally in our work together I found her to be warm, loving and vulnerable enough to create a safe place for me to do the work.  She asks provocative questions and has keen insights that cut right to the heart of the matter.  Her joy shops are exactly that...happy, thoughtful, infused with nature and the support she provides creates a safe place for women to come together and share."  -Dianne

"I feel very grateful to have learned so much from Suzanne over the past year. She is an incredible coach, and has helped me become a better, stronger version of myself."  -Patrick

"Suzanne has a heart of gold. Her perspective on life and success is both refreshing and palpable.

She has been instrumental to my growth and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in finding out what is blocking their success, as well as finding their life's purpose.

When I first met her nearly 2 years ago, I was down and out. Over prescribed benzodiazepines and antidepressants, I found myself living in my parent's house without a job and without any clear direction or structure. She created a safe place for me to share whatever my circumstances.

Within 30 days of meeting Suzanne, my life started to change. She helped me create a roadmap for success with results-oriented goals at the forefront.

Almost 2 years later, I'm proud to say that I'm working my dream job in the real estate industry at a top Manhattan firm. Suzanne's unconditional support, success habits and doable structures have helped me create a new foundation. I am forever grateful, for with her guidance I created my new paradigm that will be my lifelong solid foundation."  -Nick 

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